Tuesday, December 18, 2012


You may be wondering what kind of depraved souls would write for a crappy little blog that exists mainly to irritate you. We're kicking off a series describing exactly what kind of assholes we are, without consent or prior knowledge by the accused.

Ladies and gentleholes, may I present: YETI

Yeti is manlier than you can ever hope or want to be. He is known for producing extraordinary quantities of gas from all ends. Yeti has so much body hair that sexual intercourse is considered too dangerous for most human beings for fear of rugburn. Relatedly, he is legally required to notify all neighborhood sheep of his presence.

Yeti’s climbing profile is most notable for his uncanny ability to convince you to do stupid shit that you know you shouldn’t be doing, including sketchy mixed in the winter and injury dynos in the gym. The only thing that he breaks faster than your tendons is your ropes. In the past year, he has coreshot a total of 4 ropes in one year, only one of which was his own. Asshole.

Yeti’s most notable contributions to AssholeClimbers.com are stewardship of our uncharitable arm, the Charity Formerly Known as Asses Fund, and crashing on our couches. You can contact him anywhere an inconveniently odd number of climbers can be found.

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