Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of Shkit #5: Endeez

Every once in a while, an innovator comes along and totally changes the sport of climbing forever.  Ray Jardine did it with the spring-loaded camming device.  Yvon Chouinard did it with the front-pointed crampon.  Both of these visionaries saw an technological deficiency and surmounted it, to the benefit of all climbers.  And now, while the rest of the industry fights over ounces and millimeters, one daring innovator dares to tackle the greatest gear-related problems of our time.

I present to you - SMC Endeez.  Metal tubes designed to screw onto the ends of your rope to indicate.... uh.... the ends of your rope.

Not pictured: Ribbed Endeez, For a More Pleasurable Rappel Experience.
Personally, I'm amazed that up until now, no one has thought of a better way to prevent the ends of the rope from passing through a belay device.
Is than an Endeez on your rope or is that Cinch just happy to see me?
And just think of all the added safety to your rappels that you could never have had before.

And the fact that all you need to take with you and never lose out at the crag is a miniscule hex key! What could be simpler?

And all at a total retail price of $20?  What a steal!  It's not like you could replicate the functionality for less, and definitely (k)not for free.

Plus, SMC says that it's "ideal for use as a backup knot while climbing."  And since we're never ones to pan gear without fully testing out all of it's functionality, we asked one of our sponsored athletes to give us his impression of the device.  He had this to say:
All smiles for the Endeez

(P.S.  What is the singular form of Endeez?  Endee? Endo?  Or is Endeez already singular? If so, would it be Endeezes?  I'm really not sure.  It's late and I just got hit in the head by the metal tube attached to my rope.)


  1. The best part is they come in different colors...So I can see which end of the rope I'm on.

  2. "Personally, I'm amazed that up until now, no one has thought of a better way to prevent the ends of the rope from passing through a belay device."

    Like, say... a knot on the end of your rope?

  3. Agreed with previous comment. That has to be the most expensive knot at the end of the rope I have seen. Stuff like this surely makes you complacent. I can see the fools who start their abseil and then realise that they have forgotten this bit of metal and are at a loss as to how to solve the predicament they find themselves in.

  4. How to pull the rope after the abseil?
    With a little bad luck the rope will be jammed in the anchor as well...