Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AC Glossary: Douchecrag

Douchecrag, noun

  1. Any climbing area excessively populated by asshole climbers, shirtless broulderers, clueless chuffers or beta spitting locals.
    Area may be permanently douched due to ease of access, grade selection or notoriety. However, any crag can be temporarily douched by circumstance. In which case, potential areas are to be avoided on weekends, during school vacation weeks and holidays.
  2. A person who ruins your climbing day with his/her behavior. 
Example: We were gonna head up to Bonsai but then we saw that a pack of college kids had turned it into a douchecrag--they were hanging all over the routes and were playing dubstep through an ipod speaker.
A typical scene at a douchecrag. Note the lack of shirts, white boys throwing gang signs and headbands. Subject in foreground is staring at a girl's ass as she hangs on the rope.


  1. Haha. Those guys need to lay off the beer and hit the gym before taking their shirts off.

  2. oh man. yes. bonsai is heinous for this sort of behavior.