Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Advanced Fundraising Techniques for the Unskilled Climber

So you want to climb Denali, via the easiest route on the mountain, but don't have the money to afford it?  Why not get other people to pay for you?

Because if there's something the climbing world needs more than anything right now, is a 2-hour-long Go Pro video of you and your buddy huffing and puffing your way up the highest hike in North America.  And if I give you guys $5,000, I get to have you hold my hand up a California 14er (gear not included)?  Oooh boy, my wallet is a-flutter at the opportunity.

Here's an idea: how about you fund your own damn expedition?

Also, I'm glad you included your ability to boulder "V4/5" in your climbing resume.  That's going to come in super handy on the 13,000 foot snow slog.


  1. There are even easier ways that don't require that much effort.

  2. Hej mister Yeti,

    I really like your blogposts. did you give up climbing? I'm missing new posts.

    Greetings from Germany,

    Simon (broulderer since 1999)

    1. Hej goodsir Simon

      The crew here at has taken a bit of a holiday, but rest assured, we'll be back.

    2. dude, my asshole thought of the day ;

      Cluster-fuck of the evening, if you climb a 5.3, a 5.2 or even a 5.4, i couldn't care less to read about it in my feeds when i log on to a climbing site, let alone your ''feelings'' and ''emotions'' about climbing it, if you're going to spam a site, spam it with useful shit, not beta and don't use it as you're personal diary... if you red-pointed a 5.4 on trad on you're spraying your emotions about it, then you're a piss ant.... a normal 6 year old kid will free solo what you're falling on!!!!!!!!!!! And do it repetitiously! While you look in awe and spew worthless beta at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Even less if you regularly take people out on beginner ''lessons'' that you give from your own heart, you climb like shit, you spew beta that's false and you make yourself look like a fucking god. You're useless. You cant even lead a 5.8 without falling on your face and you expect these poor souls to understand the intricacies of the sport! Then you sign off on a public site, used by the climbing community as if it's your own, quite possibly because you have no factual friends. Please excuse me for being so fired up, but you're a fucking idiot. Reading about an idiot ''redpointing'' a 5.4 and how hard it was for him, is not, what i look for when i turn to one of these sites. Let alone what i read in my feeds.

      If you need to post your ''emotions'' and ''sensations'' of the day by ''redpointing'' a 5.4 then maybe you should find some human friends, preferably some that don't involve a keyboard.

    3. Maybe delete it from your feed, retard.

  3. All apologies, my rant was ment as stand alone and not a response!! Sorry all!!

    1. This is not the place for apologies. Tell us you're sorry for apologizing immediately.

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