Monday, July 2, 2012

AC Glossary: Sendwich

Sendwich, noun
  1. A favorite type of sandwich brought climbing. Typically purported to have mystical powers of luck and good fortune for the climber who eats it."I brought my sendwich today so I'm feeling good about finishing my project this afternoon."
  2. Any type of sandwich beyond plain old PBJ brought to a crag. Provides the owner with the distinction of having something to look forward to at lunch rather than simply enduring it. A common source of envy among fellow climbers. "Dude, I'll carry the ropes and the rack if you let me have half of your sendwich; all I could manage to put together was a peanut butter and tuna sandwich for lunch."
Prime example of a sendwich: turkey, bacon, arugula and guacamole on ciabatta.

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