Thursday, May 10, 2012

AC glossary: ClimberToe

Today's installment of the Asshole Climbers Glossary is a versatile word with 2 uses; one you don't want to see, the other you can't unsee.

ClimberToe, noun

  1. The nasty, fungus infected, corn covered, ingrown nail foot gnarl that results from cramming your footsies in a climbing shoe that's sized too small and spent most of the summer sitting in the back of your subaru, festering next to an half eaten protein bar.
  2. The very unique form of cameltoe or moose knuckle created by wearing a climbing harness. Most prominently displayed by men in mesh shorts and women wearing yoga pants. Emphasizes and enhances the genitalia. Best viewed from the belay stance, looking upwards at a climber hanging on the rope. Masterbelaying may result.

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