Friday, March 30, 2012

Asshole PulleyTendons

Since my pulley tendons are complete dicks and won't heal no matter how much time I take off, tape I use, crimps I avoid, ice I give them, ibuprofen I take, kind words I speak to them--they deserve a post of their own. Here you go asshole fingers, enjoy your moment in the spotlight!

Yossie updates:
I wrote this post a few months ago and in the meantime, my pulleys have gotten a lot better because of one thing:
I sprained my ankle pretty good on a stupid lead fall. That forced me to stop climbing for about 2 weeks. When I started again, on routes only, my fingers were magically healed. Moral of the story: get hurt so bad you can't climb at all and your pulley tendons will finally get better.


  1. Hell yeah! Tell them fingers! My left middle finger is the exact same way and has been since September...took 2 months off, climbed once, it came back. Said fuck it and started climbing more, it hasn't gotten worse but it hasn't gone away!

  2. FUCK those piece of shit pulleys. I'm on the same boat -- blew both of my A2s and they're still on the mend, some number of months later. Here's to not blowing out any other tendons in the future.

  3. Love the update.