Monday, March 26, 2012

The Asses Fund

The Asses Fund is devoted to ruining climbing for as many people as possible. By sponsoring individuals who exhibit the highest caliber of assholish behavior when out on the rocks, the Asses Fund can exert a profoundly unpleasant experience for all climbers, ranging from ruining your wilderness experience to getting Roadside Crag shut down.  The influence of the Asses Fund is spreading faster than your mom's legs on two-for-one tequila shot night.

Notable grant recipients include: Ken Nichols, unleashed crag dogs, pot-smoking hippies blasting phish from their portable ipod players and  that leprechaun who was stealing draws at Smith Rock.  Keep an eye out for our ass-letes at your local crag.


  1. I can't give this enough thumbs up. Sick. Awesome. Wow.

    QQ ain't exactly in danger of being closed to climbing since the amount of shit that goes down there is beyond the pale but this is a pretty stunning example.

  3. whoa what grant did they give to Ken?