Friday, February 24, 2012

LATAC: Shirt hat

Shirts are for pussies, hats are for warriors.

Fashion tips for Asshole Climbers:
Take off your shirt as soon as you've "warmed up" or if mild weather will justify it. Btw, forget those hairless freaks who model A&F "clothes," men should have hairy chests, it's more organic.
Most likely, your t-shirt featured either: the prana/prada symbol, your climbing shoe brand logo, the list of "classic climbs" at the big name crag you visited last year, or some random hipster design.

Now that you're shirtless you can't show off how cool you are, so let your headwear make the fashion statement. Typical options include: wool beanie in warm weather, cyclist cap, a helmet with lots and lots of stickers, flat brimmed throwback cap (so gangsta!) or the classic hippie bandanna.
But as this AC illustrates, you can get original and take things to a whole new extreme. If you're a carpet chested gumby who thinks he's the Lawrence of Arabia; wear a baseball hat, then a shirt, then a helmet on your head. This will ensure that everyone who sees you will know exactly what to expect and to keep moving on to the next crag.

Bonus points for going shirtless but covering the head to protect from the sun. Nice and logical, Sheikh Moron.

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  1. This is genius! Gotta love the beanie-and-no-shirt look, especially in the gym. And by "love" I mean "laugh at until you shit yourself".